The Mission of NW Bookbinding

"Don't Let the Light Go Out!"

We are dedicated to binding, by hand using traditional tools and methods, books that benefit from having the medium match the message; where the wisdom contained in the words and ideas of the author are coupled with a long-lasting and beautiful book. We limit our binding work to books in the fields of the spirituality of social change, sustainability, and earth-centered living.

We also create hand-bound personal journals with the understanding that the act of writing by hand on paper touches a certain aspect of the creative process in an author. Journals release a different, more textured and nuanced sort of writing than do keyboards and we hope to encourage their place in the creative writer's life.

There is a certain congruence that comes from reading about sustainable and mindful approaches to living while holding a tangible textured medium that encourages the cultivation of a degree of depth and attention. We believe that the availability of traditional, long-lasting, and well-crafted books plays a central role in encouraging that kind of discerning reading.  

We endeavor to create books that are beautiful, well-made, and affordable. One of our hand-bound editions will usually cost between $45 and $80. Our hand-bound journals usually sell for $35.